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About Razoyo RC

RC is what we do, and we don't make excuses for it. And, you shouldn't have to accept excuses from anyone.

Competitive prices? You bet. Free shipping on top of that? Of course. And, did you say you want a wide selection of parts and accessories? We know you did, and we heard you.

If you have a passion for radio-control and remote-control vehicles, you have found your store.

RC, radio-control remote-control, whatever you call it, is more than a passion for our customers, it is a life-style. You know who you are. If your family has ever asked why there are 200 tiny parts, a bottle of WD-40, a can of graphite, and fine-grit sandpaper strewn out on the kitchen table rather than dinner, you might just be one of our customers.

And we know that the people in your life just don't get it. They don't understand why you need a 4-port multi-charger or a new, 6-channel receiver, and not a new tie or universal remote for the TV like they got you for your last birthday. That's why we have a wish list that you can email out to all those people that need a clue. That's why we invite you to review the products on our site, so that you can share your joy with people just like you. It's OK, we all have needs. That's why Razoyo RC is here for you.

Razoyo RC has been in business now for three years and our web store is backed by the web store experts at Razoyo , who know how to run a tight ship to keep your prices low and make sure you get the product you want, when you want it.

Don't compromise. RC racing, exploration and just plain enjoyment is your passion, and we thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Don't be afraid to reach out... we want to help you.

To all of you, from all of us at Razoyo RC - Thank you and Happy racing!

William Byrne
Founder, Razoyo RC