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This web site is all about RC racing and vehicles. We know that RC enthusiasts LOVE to race, pimp their vehicles, and see what's new. That is why we offer the hottest vehicles at great prices, hundreds of spare parts and accessories for your RC vehicle, and no-nonsense customer service.

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Hot New RC Vehicles

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  1. Shredder SC

    Shredder SC

    This is a great large short track course truck designed with wheels that really move! Check out the off road speed on the video. It features an electric brushless motor with forward and reverse transmission and 4 wheel drive and a 2.4 gHz Radio system. 2 Batteries and charger are included! Learn More
  2. Cessna 182 V3 Pro Series

    Cessna 182 V3 Pro Series


    BRAND NEW! Wing Tip Repaired with Glue!

    The new Cessna 182 V3 Pro Series Electric rc plane is our "BEST SELLING" trainer that we have. The included brushless motor provides 60% more power than a standard speed 480 motor. Reaching speeds up to 60 miles per hour! The Cessna 182 Pro Series ships with a 1300 mah Lipoly 7.4v volt rated at 20C that provides up to 20 minutes of solid run time!!

    Learn More
  3. Team Associated GT2

    Team Associated GT2 Ready-to-Run


    Here is an RTR truck that is more than just an RTR; it is an RTR for the discerning enthusiast. The RS stands for Race Spec and just one drive of the GT2 reminds you of its race inspired design brief and heritage. In more experienced hands, the GT2 reminds us just how pure a 2WD race inspired chassis really is. This GT2 forgives the novice but rewards the expert.

    Learn More
  4. SCT-9000 RC Truck

    SCT-9000 RC Truck

    The SCT-9000 is a powerful 4WD short course racing truck. Features a 3000kv high torque motor that can achieve speeds up to 50 Mph with an 11.1 Volt Lipoly Battery pack.
    • 4 Wheel Drive
    • Brushless Electronic Speed Control
    • 2.4Ghz Radio for interference-free operation
    • Oil-filled shocks
    • High ground clearance chassis
    • Anti-crack plastic construction for longevity
    Learn More
  5. Tiger Moth (Electric/Airplanes)

    Tiger Moth

    This is Redcat Racing's Tiger Moth 200 Class 4 Channel Biplane. This design is based on the 1930s biplane designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and others as a primary trainer. True Scale 100% Appearance Our new Tiger Moth Bi-Plane retains that vintage classic look and has a startlingly realistic appearance, with perfect 100% scale details down to the wheels and wing struts. The red color makes it easy to see and keep up with and makes a great impression in the field. It also has ailerons built in for a tight turning radius that is beneficial in small confined flying areas. The Tiger Moth is also aerobatic and will add hours of dynamic flight. With the use of a durable material for the fuselage and main wings, it has the perfect characteristics for an RC trainer. A Modular frame design increases the torsional rigidity to eliminate any unwanted body flex. This results in pinpoint accurate flying traits. Learn More
  6. Mini C50 Airplane (Electric/Airplanes)

    Mini C50 Airplane

    The new C50 Mini Airplane is a great 3 Channel starter plane and is ready to fly right out of the box after about 5 minutes of assembly. Learn More
  7. Wing Dragon 300

    Wing Dragon 300

    The Wing Dragon 300 Series RC Airplane offers the best of both worlds in Rc Flight.  Bonus! Comes with 2 Types of Main Wing Sets Wing Dragon 300 comes with 2 types of wings sets ! One is a  Solid Wing for flight training and one is a Sport Wing for aerobatic performance! Learn More
  8. Versa plane


    The Versa is a true water and air vehicle. The new Versa Hybrid Supercraft takes "innovative RC Planes" to a whole other level. The Versa is capable of taking off water or land without any "costly add-on" modifications or upgrades. Simply plug in landing gear and you have a land based RC airplane with servo controlled nose gear. Learn More

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